For Software Vendors

We host your desktop applications in the Cloud so your customers have access instantly right in the browser

Directly in the browser

Your application is virtualized and redered directly in the browser. No need for the end-user to install anything.

Compatible with all applications

No matter if your application is a POS system, traditional client-server with an SQL database, or a simple standalone desktop program, that will work in our system. We even support legacy 16-bit programs running on Windows XP machines.

simplified deployment

Install your application on a base image once and then deploy new instances instantly when you have a new client. Each instances can contain from 1 to over 250 users.

manage users access

You can manage who has access to what applications in your workspaces. Set user priviliges, change passwords, block accounts, monitor who is online, who logged in and when.

You want to let users access Microsoft Word or an email client along your main application? That’s possible!

we take care of the it stuff

We take care of the firewalls, backups, updates, hardware, network, etc. We monitor everything in the background so your workspaces are always running and optimal.

branded to your company

Our login page is branded to your company so your users can login to your application online with your logo displayed.